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    Mi-Potty Gold Award 2022

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    Everyday Hygienic Soulutions

  • mi-products

    Everyday Hygienic Soulutions

About mi-products


Natural and versatile. Incorporating features inspired by the human skin. Saniconcentrate™ gives our materials improved mechanical/physical properties on the surface that are bio-inspired.

To copy the immune properties of the human skin a trace element is integrated into the material that gives the surface a sort-of natural defence mechanism.
A mechanism that our immune systems rely on and one that bacteria do not build up a resistance to.

about us:

mi-products [Bio Products Group] is a Warrington, Cheshire based, family-owned business established in 2015. Our mission is to become a leading product disrupter by creating sustainable, recyclable hygiene products for use in everyday life.

Our motto is Make - Sustain - Recycle. This means we carefully design and manufacture products that can stand the test of time and, where possible, be 100% recycled.



Only a natural trace element, an essential mineral identified as an element of utmost biological importance. You will find it in your food, and you need it in your daily diet as it is vital for the human immune system.

100% Safe

The technology does not contain toxic substances. There are no biocides, no silver, no triclosan, no nano-materials or any other harmful chemicals. There is only a natural trace element, and it is fixed inside the material.

No Leaching

An intrinsic/inert change in and on the surface of the material. There is no substance migrating or leaching to act against bacteria. The functionality is purely due to the improved mechanical/physical property of the material surface.

Forever Lasting

The functionality of the technology does not rely on migration, so there is nothing leaching away from the material over time. That means it will never run out; it is simply always there. So it will never fade away or wear off.

Contact Us

If you require a large quantity of the mi-potty, mi-yoga mat, mi-playmat, mi-facemask [or custom branding]
or any other information, please email us -